"We can`t just suffer ... its not the whole of it  
If we deny the whole picture it`s not fair or healthy
We need a guide to remind us ... until we can remind ourselves."  
(Anon - Buddhist Monk)

Feeling sad or depressed?

Feeling sad - or even depressed - is not an illness.  There are times when sad is the right thing to feel - you`ve lost someone or something that matters to you; when your feelings are hurt; when you`re lost and lonely.

Where Counselling helps is when you`re feeling sad as a default - you`ll get the tools to find the pattern and put something more bright, more energetic in its place.

Low self esteem

You were not born doubting yourself.  You learned it.  Counselling helps you to:

  • unlearn what makes you doubt yourself;
  • polish up the "you" that you were born to be.


In its place, anxiety keeps you safe.  However, when it gets stuck on red alert all the time it will exhaust you, drain your energy and confidence.  In Counselling sessions, you`ll learn the skill of capturing your own anxiety, and soothing it, before it starts running the show.


For most people, relationships are the great bedrock of life.  When they are good they can be fulfilling, nourishing, enjoyable and a great means of support.  But at their worst they can be complicated, often messy, frustrating and may even be dysfunctional.  We cannot control how others think or how they behave towards us - but what we can do is choose how we relate towards them.

And that`s really what Counselling is all about - creating the conditions for healthy and happy relationships.


Diane Bramley Hedge


Registered Member British Association of 

Counsellors and Psychotherapists


There`s nothing wrong with you
that what is right with you can`t fix.
(Jon Kabat Zinn)